December 4, 2018 Александра Попова

I decided to get in touch with The Cedar Foundation as I was immensely drawn to the work the
organization does with some of the most unprivileged children and youths in Bulgaria.
The amazing, thoughtful work that Cedar does gives me hope that the circumstances in which
these children in Kyustendil and Kazanlak are born will not be the circumstances in which they
spend their lives. It gives me confidence that there are people who understand the lack of
justice and its social factors and decide to dedicate their careers to tackling it.
Most of the volunteer work I do for The Cedar Foundation involves translation of the articles
they publish on the problems that the members of their team face and the solutions they
propose and enact.

Due to my personal circumstances, I’m not working in the field with their child care
professionals. I am also not lobbying for changes in the governmental approach to children and
youths in need. But I believe that helping out the people who help out the most is more than just a gesture to
these children and youths. By helping The Cedar Foundation publish its content in English, I
believe I am contributing to a heightened awareness of everything they do, and, by extension, to
a stronger, international support of their work.
This is why I strongly recommend volunteering for Cedar. Giving them a hand in achieving their
goals helps children and youths live healthier, more educated and dignified lives.

Andrey Krachkov